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Friday, September 21

Artificial Intelligence

I've been reading a number of articles on A.I. Here are some useful links:

Wikipedia: Machine Learning - The design and development of algorithms and techniques that allow computers to "learn"

Wikipedia: Computational Learning Theory - mathematical field related to the analysis of machine learning algorithms

Wikipedia: Learning to Learn - Applying knowledge gained from one problem or task to a different but related problem or task. For example, learning to walk could be used in learning to run, or learning to recognize cars could be used in learning to recognize trucks. (More info is needed on this topic)

Wikipedia: Alife - simulating life and intelligence

Wikipedia: Digital Organism (Bot) - Self-replicating computer program that mutates and evolves.

A.I. Systems Integration - Making individual software components interoperable with other components to create larger, broader and more capable A.I. systems.

Wikipedia: Agent Communication Language - Proposed standard language for agent communications

Example Environments

Breva - Build 3D simulations of decentralized systems and artificial life. Uses a language called Steve. (website)

DarwinBots - a virtual environment in which a number of "bots" interact, fight for resources, and eventually reproduce and evolveEvolve - Allows the user to create simulations, run them, and watch the evolving creatures.
Technosphere - Users build their own creature, modular type of AI. This was very interesting and I'd like to follow up on it.


Create an Agent Framework that uses REST and XML protocols