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Wednesday, July 14

5 Ways to be Lucky and Successful

Quite often I find myself talking about these rules during our weekly programming training classes (BDPA - HSCC).

Luck and success is all around you. But you have to be open to it. There is a mindset to being lucky and being successful. The following are some rules that help me to be lucky and successful:

Rule 1. Roll with the Changes
Change is going to come. We all make plans and life promptly crushes them. But when everything is falling apart, take the time to look around. Somewhere in the madness is an opportunity.

Grab it, catch it, put it in your back pocket, clean up your life, get back on track, then pull the opportunity out of your pocket and explore it.

Rule 2. Walk with open eyes
The simple act of noticing will bring luck to you. We don't always have to rush. Take the time to stroll and look around. You never know...
See that lady with the screaming four year old? She might have the job you've been looking for. Maybe you should have stopped and helped her.

Did you see that billboard about the master's degree? They might have a grant with your name on it.

See that flyer on the wall, don't you recognize that face? It's an old co-worker looking for a partner to start their next business.

3. Be Bold

Take risk, you don't have as much to lose as you think. Really has rejection ever killed anyone. Put yourself out there, so someone can pick you up. Keep in mind that if you let yourself, you will talk yourself out of everything that was meant for you.

4. Know when to quit
Because you are now taking risks and being bold, you will find a lot of things going on in your life. This is good, you're enjoying life. But at some point it will be too much. I know when I reach this point because I start to habitually avoid doing things. So, the time has come to trim to fat and let something go. Choose carefully, but admit and realize that something has to go.

On the other hand, be honest about your efforts are they profitable, monetarily or emotionally. If you ain't getting no satisfaction its a good sign that it's time to cut it loose. Life is to short to spend it on the un-enjoyable.

5. Make "me" time
Leave time to do nothing. I repeat nothing. Pretend that you're going to sit on your butt and do...wait for it...nothing. You'll find that this is the most enjoyable time you have. You will look forward to this time. You will crave it. The day just won't seem right without it. Why?

Because your nothing time turns into the time you do the thing you absolutely 100% enjoy doing above anything else. You have no obligations, you can do anything you want. You will naturally do what you like the most. Surprisingly you will find that this activity will change week to week. Your brain's appetite is large, once you allow it to join the buffet.

Now, don't go crazy, you can't have "me" time all of the time. Then the pleasure of it goes away, not to mention that the rest of your life will go sideways on you.

So there you have it. 5 simple rules that I live by. They help me be lucky and successful,. They can definitely help you.

What rules would you add?

Monday, July 12

Intro to Data Warehouses

This is a recent presentation I gave on data marts and data warehousing techniques. This only scratches the surface and there are a loot of places to dive deeper.

Date Warehousing