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Thursday, June 26

Gaming with a Guest Account

You've got 10 know of this great game, you want to test it but as you visit the site you realize you have to register.

*sigh* you walk away, telling yourself you'll come back tomorrow.

As a game builder that's an expierence I don't want to give my potential players. Thus I've started creating a guest account feature for all my new games.

The guest account gives a player a quick easy way to evaluate the game.

For the time being the guest accounts on my games are not persistant, they stick around for a few hours or days then disappear. As a matter of fact, once you logout the game, you can not log back into the guest account.

Remember the goal is to convert the user to a player, thus if they play as guest but don't feel emotionally attached enough to create their own account. They won't be playing the game for very long.


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