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Friday, December 11

What Your Signature is Telling Me

Take a blank piece of unlined paper.

Now quickly sign your full name as you would if you had to sign a check.

Now write a sentence in cursive. Any sentence will do but for you anal retentive folks try this one: "Today is going to be a great day.".

OK...go do it...really, this is going to be interesting.

Did you do it?


OK, look at your two writings:

What direction are your letters sloping?

  • Backward - You are a reserved person, the more slanted the more reserved you are. Typically you will hide your feelings rather than express yourself. This is because you wish to be true to yourself.
  • Forward - You have no problems communicating and often times will go out of the way to do so.
  • Straight Up and Down - You tend to be removed from the world, aloft.
How large do you write?
  • Large - Either you are very outgoing, or you tend to hide yourself behind big bold actions.
  • Small - Small letters reflect a thinking mind
  • Normal - Well, you are normal
Note: If the writing looks "delicate" your likely not to communicate well, but are a deep thinker.

How much space is between the letters of your words?
  • Very close together - You are a social butterfly, you love interactions and may even be the life of the party.
  • Normal Spacing - You are shy, don't create a lot of connections maybe due to high moral values.
  • Further apart - You act swiftly and decisively, sometimes without thinking
How much space is between the words?

  • A lot - You tend to resist the influence of outside voices and your own emotions. You like to come to a logic conclusion when searching for an answer.
  • Small Spaces - You like to be in the midst of a conversation, one may consider you a busy body.
  • No spaces - Your quick like fire, easily moved,swift response, almost impatient with the self confident and ego to go with it. You might find yourself taking over conversations quite easily.
Does what you wrote tilt?

  • Tilting Up - Your an optimistic person
  • Tilting Down - Your a pessimistic person
  • No Tilt - Your pretty balanced

In General

Looking at the middle section of your writing, this would be the space where most of the word exists. The size of this area indicates your self image. The larger this area is in relation to the entire word the greater your self image. This is especially true if the area is very small.

In general the further your letters go from the middle area the more ambitious and out spoken you are. You can especially see this when looking at the letters Y, P, G, F, S.

A person who continually "flourishes" their F, G, or S can be said to be an especially outgoing and emotional person.

Look for how high the tops of your letters go, those that require you to go into the capitalization part of a letter. The higher the letters go the more this person focuses on the realities of life. This could be monetary, power or friendship. The higher the flourish the more drawn this person is to those things.

Look for how low the person goes under. Every sentence has a base line which can be drawn under it. The depth of the letters under this line, such as the bottom of the letter g, show how deeply the person dwells on their inner thoughts. This would indicate an avid reader or knowledge gather. Someone who has no problems thinking and being by themselves with nothing in particular to do. Pen strokes under the line also signify a person in touch with thier natual instincts. The more strokes the more instinctual this person may be.

Most interesting, someone who goes deep under the line and has large fat loops has an active and eager sexual drive. For those single fella's out there, ask the lady to sign her name as well as her number next time.

For those whose writing shows few flourishes, big swoops, broad strokes, dashes, etc. This person is usually one who comes to a task with much concentration. They will tackle a problem very directly and, in almost a bull dog fashion, not move on until the problem is solved.

Seeing a lot of carefully dotted i's and crossed t's? This indicates that you are a solid person. Once a path, decision or selection is made. More often than not, you will not have your mind changed. This is especially true if the dot above you i's are exactly in the right place.

Now, I hope that none of you exhibit this, but if you do...ummm, I wish you well. Pull back from your writing...try to draw a line under your sentence, if the line ends up very crooked and the crook or joint in the line is in the middle of a word. Odds are you have some mental problems. (or your drunk, try again later) Crooked lines and flourishes the counteract one another are typically found in the more deranged folks in our society.

What's the difference in your Signature and your Sentence?

This is one of the more gray areas of handwriting analysis. One theory is that your signature represents your self image and your sentenace represents your true image.

My personal theory is that your full signature (last name included) reflects your true personality. Your Sentence reflects how you feel at that particular moment.

I've done this on myself a number of times and I get different results in my Sentenance all the time and usually it is because of different moods that I am in at that particular moment. My signature is pretty stable.

In Conclusion
The study of handwriting is called "Graphology". I am no expert on this, just something I've learned and enjoy using over the years.

All of the above is theory and conjecture and may not necessary represent you.

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