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Tuesday, January 5

5 Interesting Sites for the Creativity Seeker

This site takes my breath away. Creative, beautiful and entertaining. It's not about a whole lot but still shows the power of what you can do with the web.
Expirements in Javascript
Click on one of the links, this guy has a bunch of experiments in Javascript and flash. Interesting stuff to play with and see just what you can do with Javascript.
Photoshop Tutorial Playground
Whenever I visit this site I always find something new to try and play with on my own. It's a list of links to tutorials on photoshop and image manipulations, but let yourself wander through the sites, they are all pretty good.
DIY Wonders
Wonderful things you can create all by yourself with a little ingenuity and creativity. Some technical related, some just fun to do. Again, I never fail to find something to try after reading this page.

I have an "Inspirational" and "Interesting" folder link, these sites sit in there. From time to time I bring up the folder and go visiting. Especially when I'm bored.

Where do you visit to kill time? (Excluding game sites, we all know how to find those.)


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