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Thursday, April 22

Stock Guessing - Programatically

I've always been interested in stock analytics. Mostly because I have this un-reasonable dream that if I can program a stock "machine" which will trade stocks for me and make me richer than my wildest dreams.

*Watches as you fall on the floor laughing*

So now that you are done laughing....I started a blog about a year ago on creating such a program. If your interested it's here. I don't think I'm going to post to it anymore and it..."wonders"...a bit.

Last night, I fired up the old program I wrote and tinkered with it for a little while. Tormenting myself with that dream I mentioned. To my surprise, I found something interesting...

The program is setup to run once a day, pick a few stocks and then invest $1,000 into it. It then examines it's buys every day and sells the stock. There is a lot of other stuff going on, but that's the important part.

If I had $10,000 to invest over the past 60 days and I had done ever trade and sell recommended by the program. I'd have gained $3,679.02.

I'd have done 33 trades, assuming a $10 commission on each buy and sell, the commissions would cost me $660.

The program churns through around 3,500 stocks (NYSE and NASDAQ) looking for good trades. It's a lucky day when it finds two picks in a given day.

For those who are are the last 10 or so picks it spit out.

I'm at a loss on how to further test the program to ensure this is not some coincidence. Any suggestions?


Villager said...

I don't have specific suggestions for your program ... however, I have a similiar dream (making money via stock market). I often thought it would have been a good idea to find like-minded BDPAers to form a stock investment club. I never followed-up on the idea.

peace, Wayne

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