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Monday, January 24

Jarvis - A chatterbot

If you didn't know AI (artificial intelligence) has become a bit of a hobby of mine. In an effort to explore the domain, I thought that I would throw together a little chat bot.

He's based off of the original chat bot, ELIZA.

I have/had a lot of thoughts of the direction I could take this in, but I wanted to get a version 1.0 all wrapped up and released before taking on other challenges.

You can chat with Jarvis at:

Some fun facts:
  • Jarvis was named after the AI in Iron Man
  • My 11 year old son, taught Jarvis a few key sayings
  • Sometimes Jarvis is incredibly stupid
  • Jarvis has a fully built out relationship model for words, key phrases and responses.
  • Jarvis can learn from chatting with other users
Some thoughts on what to implement next:
  • Allow Jarvis to "read" or learn from websites (Wikipedia)
  • Allow Jarvis to formulate higher "concepts" where responses are all connected via a single word or key phrase.
  • Allows users to chat with other users and Jarvis at the same time and ask them to spot Jarvis in the crowd
  • Allow Jarvis to get happier the longer someone chats with him
  • Add some type of visual representation of Jarvis


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