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Friday, February 18

Free Training - Sign Me Up!

BDPA Charlotte had their monthly meeting in a new location last night. We were at Metrotek which is located across from Microsoft. It was one of the best meetings I've ever attended with our group.

A fellow named Larry Edwards gave a presentation on Project Management and Six Sigma. How they are alike, how they are different and how they be leveraged for one another. I thought it was very informative and a good introduction into those two disciplines.

A lot of great folks turned out, we had folks from Wells, Bank of America, AT&T and a few other companies as well.

And then there was the great give-away. Metrotek gave everyone in attendance access to their Microsoft Project Certification Course free of charge. They are also going to do a drawing for all those that attended and give away additional training. If that is not some great ROI on an hour spent mingling with IT folks, I'm not sure what you are looking for.

For those of you who do not know, Charlotte is currently giving away $2,000,000 in training. If you are NOT employed, you need to contact Metrotek today and ask about their program. The training can be done virtually or self paced. The opportunity is knocking at your door.

Oh, and there was free food. (Quizno's...I love a good sandwich).

If you are in Charlotte, look us up, and join us,

Markus Beamer


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