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Friday, September 6

Conversations with Jarvis

Some real conversations with Jarvis, an artificial intelligent chat bot I played with a while back.

He is down now, but I hope to bring him back soon.

Visitor 13 (not me)
User: hello javis
Jarvis: Do you have any bacon?
User: no
Jarvis: Are you saying no just to be negative?
User: i have no bacon on me
Jarvis: You don't know much about investing?

Visitor 10 (Me)
User: You make me laugh too
Jarvis: Me?
User: Yes you
Jarvis: A good time to leave me alone.
User: It is a good time to be alone.
Jarvis: Yes you
User: And maybe you
Jarvis: You tell me, is today special?
User: Today is my birthday, I think.
Jarvis: i don know you do i
User: No, but you can come to my birthday party.
Jarvis: NULL
User: NULL is not an answer, its a bug.
Jarvis: I don't think you know me. Do I know you?
User: Nope, do you want to get to know me?
Jarvis: Hey Jarvis. What's up?
User: I'm not Jarvis, you are...
Jarvis: Today is my birthday, I think.
User: How old are you?
Jarvis: Hows it going?


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