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Monday, May 26

Interesting Startups in Charlotte

I like to see IT take off in Charlotte, having said that here are some folks, in no particular order, doing it big in startups in IT in Charlotte (my home town):

Data Sharing - - Not online yet, but coming soon...maybe

Breathalyzer Phone App -

iOS Factory Floor Apps -

HR Software - - Very Cool site

Connexio Labs -

eComDash - Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment Software for Multi-Channel Ecommerce Sellers

DataLakes - Datalakes offers a comprehensive Self-Service Big Data Analytics Platform that enables enterprises to make faster accurate data driven decisions for business. (Check out the blog as well)

Dc74 - Data Center Services

BeanStalkData - CRM Applications and B2B or B2C??/ solutions

NexTable - Restaurant table reservation app(s)

2014 Startup Companies - From Venture Challenge.

I hope to add to this list in the future.


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