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Tuesday, November 11

Thanks BDPA

I wanted to share a success story about how BDPA helped me in my career recently. Some history on me, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the past president for the Charlotte BDPA chapter and as an educational instructor for their High School Computer Competition program. I participated in BDPA as a way to give back to my community and a way to expose young black folks to the career of IT.

I had been working a job with LogiXML, great pay but it was a 100% travel. At the time I had a 7yr and 14yr old at home and my wife was working full time. Needless to say my traveling was wrecking chaos on the family. So I decided to find a job close to home.

I happened across a job posting from a recruiting firm, Ciber. It turns out I had met someone who worked at Ciber and I recall meeting her through BDPA. So I gave her a ring. Turns out she no longer worked with Ciber but she put me in touch with the right people and gave me a good recommendation.

Three weeks later I was hired at Duke-Energy, contracting through Ciber. Great pay, great folks and good hours. I'm still here almost a year later.

I thought I’d share this with folks for two reasons. First, we network today for what we may need tomorrow. And secondly because I wanted to express my appreciate for what BDPA has done for me in my career.


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