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Tuesday, November 27

My Mistake with Google Adwords

I decided to try out google adwords and actually pay to get some visitors to the site. Here is a brief synopsis.

Setting Up

In case you have not tried this, in general the steps to setting up google ads is as follows
  • Create a google account
  • Create a "Campaign" ("Battle Forces Online")
  • Create an "Ad Group"
  • Create an "Ad" (see below)
  • Create Keywords
  • Set your keyword price
  • Set your google network price (this was my mistake)
  • Give Google some money, so they can give money to advertisers.

My Ads

I made two ads, they are both equally effective at this point.

Battle Forces Online
Tactical turn based strategy game
Fight, Battle and Play now

Online RPG
Tactical turn based strategy game
Fight, Battle and Play now

My Mistake

I did not realize or the default Cost per Click for the Google Network was set at .20. When I let my ads go live, I racked up about $50.00 in an hour. The good news is I got 70,000 impressions and 100+ visitors.

I have since turned off Google Ads, My goal today is to re-evaluate my keywords.


Be aware of the fact that it takes about 3 hours for the results of your ads, (and how much money you spent) is updated in the Google Admin Control panel. This was part of my issue as well.

In your history log most of the refers from adwords will be labels as


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