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Tuesday, February 12

Battle Forces Online - Major Re-vision

Battle Forces Online has gone through a large change.

I decided to keep the "game" a bit simpler and see what happened. I'd like to outline what I am thinking at this point.

I wanted to address the fact that a lot of users would enter the game and not know what to do. In the old system, you had to deploy and setup an army, this allows you to join a battle in progress.

Players now join the game and see a map, which all players share. They then can add their own units (Blades) by starting a "New Adventure". I also added a Tutorial hopefully this will help.

Players have the ability to add as many of their Blades to the board as they would like. However, once added a Blade can not be removed from the board.

The goal of the game is pretty simple, as you gain more coins you can hire more Blades which allows you to further control the board.

Some things I'd like to develop in the near future:
  • Multiple Worlds
  • Ability to buy items for Blades
  • Guilds
  • Challenges
  • Towns


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