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Tuesday, December 11

Top 4 Questions

This article was inspired by a posting I saw at Stephen R. Covey's Site: Top 4 questions for determining your dream job

Question: Discovering your dream job involves asking yourself these basic questions over time :
(1) What do you really love to do?
(2) What do you do well?
(3) What should you do so that you tap into your true voice?
(4) What does the world need?

What do I really love to do?

I love to design solutions. This stems from a child hood of discovering how to put things together. How like and dislike things can create something new when put together.

What do you do well?
I am very good at finding workable solutions. I say workable as there is always a perfect solution to a problem, but given other constraints (time, money, effort) that solution will not work. I have a knack for finding those solutions that will work within the constraints.

What should you do so that you tap into your true voice?
Start recording random thoughts and notes in a journal.

What does the world need?
I am not sure. I think there are a lot of development efforts happening which are good efforts in and of them self, however I think that they all lack a general foundation of knowledge that they all use and add to. I believe our efforts are too dispersed and this keeps us from "taking the next step" in computer science.

I would encourage anyone reading this to ask themselves these same questions and post responses or links here.


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