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Friday, July 11

Cleaning out the Code Closet

I was going through my PC backups and looking at all those old projects I have out there. It's interesting how much stuff I've worked on "Just for Fun"

I figured I'd list them here so, if you are interested in any of the code let me know. I'm usually happy to share. But keep in mind, these are all projects that I did just to see what can be done, so they are mostly proto-types.

  1. myAI - A php based neural net project, gives a visual display of how an AI neural net works. 95% completed.
  2. Great Browser Based Games - An engine to allow people to post their PBBG games, I did this in an interesting AJAXy way. 75% completed
  3. Card - An RPG card game, wrote in PHP, browser based, currently in Alpha. 99% complete. (No I won't share source on this one)
  4. RPG Game Template - A template that will allow other novice developers to build a web based RPG. 50% completed
  5. mobLIB - My library of javascript functions for moving things around, doing AJAX and other funky stuff.
  6. Monster Football League - A php and javascript based american football game. This was kind of neat, but I ran into some processing problems, evidently trying to calculate the position of 24 players and a football on a 100 yard field is a bit more then javascript can handle. But it was fun to try.
  7. Horse Racing VR - I was collobarating with someone to do a Horse Racing VR game, sadly I got caught up in real life stuff that pulled me off that project and my partner disappeared.
  8. Stock Analyzer - A program that analyzes 3000 stocks and gives you the top 3 - 5 potentials each day. 90% complete, working towards a release. (No source code available on this one)
  9. Blade of a Mage - Another browser based PHP game, I used to run a long time ago. Took it offline because I didn't have the time to manage it...looking at putting it back online.
  10. Star Fighter - A flash game, simple top down plane game. Graphics are ugly as hell, so I didn't deploy it.
  11. Tactics - A flash game, imagine chess, but with RPG characters that have stats and abilities. Completed but took too much effort to maintain code wise (I don't enjoy working with flash). It had a php backend.
  12. Ships - A flash game, this was based on all the PBBG space games out there, except with this one you could see the movement of your ships and what not. Ran it online for a while but it ended up, hogging some server resources.
  13. Worlds of War - An isometric Mech battling game, I loved this game. But some moron hacked it and crippled my server. I fixed the hack but I worry about putting the game back online. (irrational fear, but look at what number it ended up being on the list...13...its a sign I tell you!)
  14. Battle Forces Online - Fully deployed operation game, RPG isometric top down view. I like it but I think it needs a lot of tender love and care to turn it into the real thing.
Well that is my list...of course that's just on this PC, who know what I have on my other one.


The Tycooner said...

That RPG game template sounds interesting, what can it do so far?

Sid said...

It'd be cool if you just put the archives of the code somewhere... I'd be interested to see a number of them. If you need someone to host them let me know.

mobeamer said...

The RPG game template actually consists of two parts, one is a browser based game (sort of like those mafia games you have).

The other part of the game template is an isometric top down map engine.

Both are functional but need work to make a deliverable product.

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