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Tuesday, July 29

Future Books and Dreams

I'm interesting in writing and think that I have a lot to share. (Although my wife and brothers would tell you differently.) Here is a list of books I would like to write and why:

Programming for High School Kids
I currently volunteer time teaching kids in grades 9 - 12 how to build basic web pages in ASP and .Net. I've done that for about 4 years now. I really enjoy doing it and I learn a lot about my development processes each year that I teach. The kids that I teach walk into my class with no computer programming or web design skills and 8 months later they are able to build full scale web applications.

This is done through the BDPA organization with the HSCC program.

Game Building with PHP
A book about how to build web based php game. This would cover some of the newer techniques like AJAX and map display, movement and stats. I also have read a lot of interesting things on game modeling and building addictive games. I think writing this book would be a great learning experience for myself.

Pseudo Auto-biography
I've always wanted to write about my family and my past. I have pretty interesting background, I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, a white mother, a black father who spent 20+ years in the military, is a vet and a Buddhist. I also was raised in a very religious environment which I broke out of when I got older. I never watched TV or listened to music till I turned about 16. Because of this I can read a 300+ page book in about 2 hours. I've a collection of over 1000 sci-fi books and can remember almost every chapter of all of them. All of this gives me, what I think is a unique view on race, religion, ethics and life in general.

Why I raised my Sons the way I did
I really want to write this one just for my boys. I have a 2 and 9 year old and I think that they would appreciate some insights on why and how I made the choices I am now making in regard to how they are raised. Again I think this book would be educational both for myself and for them, but the most interested reader of this book would be my wife. *grin* Love ya Babe!

Anyway, just a few things that were on my mind. If you feel like it leave me a comment on which one I should start first.


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Cool to see BDPA members with blogs!

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