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Tuesday, January 13

Enhancements to my Battle Forces Online

Battle Forces Online -(

I've put some time and effort into Battle Forces Online.

I gave the entire game a face lift. I bought a template from, modified it a good bit and used that as a new front end. I really like it, but I'm still in need of a good name for this game.

Killed a few bugs, attacking was a bit glitchy. The admin panels had all kinds of problems. So I put some time in and fixed those.

Because I fixed the admin panels, I was able to easily modify the game, so I added a few more maps/levels. (There are now 13, the last being Devils Delight)

I added a few more characters.

Created an iGoogle gadget for the game. (read the Tutorial)

Created a map function that tracks who is where.

Started a one month turnament.

Put some google ads on the game.

All in all, I like the upgrade, waiting to see what users think, but traffic is picking up allready so I take that as a good sign.


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