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Tuesday, January 13 - A battle game using cards

One day, I put myself on a mission to think up a simple but addictive game that had an RPG twist.

Thus rpgCardz was born. I built this game put up one post and then forgot about it. Well I pulled it out the closet, dusted it off and did some upgrades on it. I think it has a ton of potential. We will find out shortly though.

So the rules are dead simple.

Everyone has the same Str, Att, Def and Damage stats.

You have a deck of cards.

Each card can affect one or many of your or the enemy stats.

Once used a card must "recharge" a given number of rounds before being used again.

You pick 6 cards and specify the order in which they are played.

When you go to battle cards are played in order until one player is dead.

That's it.

One additional fun can take your cards and put bounties on other players. IE: If you kill this player you will get these 3 cards.

Recently I gave it a new interface, chat function and ability to see the battle history.


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