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Friday, March 20

Angels and Demons – Traps

I recently added a new feature to the Angels and Demons game. To date the game has consisted of a pretty simple game model. You build buildings, research and level up till you have the best units you can get. You then start to attack the Holts (player maps) around you. Seeking to take them over.

When a battle takes place, the Attacker decides on the number of warriors to send on the attack. They send the warriors on their merry way and 10 min later the battle takes place.

When a player is attacked, the Defender, all available warriors will participate in the battle.

Now with Traps, Defenders can take a part of their Army and "hide" it on a specific Holt. Once those warriors are hidden in a Trap the Defender cannot use them to attack anyone. However if an Attacker launches an attack on the specific Holt the "hidden" warriors do twice as much damage and have twice the defense.

An Example:

The Demon "DemonKnight" is consistently attacking "Heavens Path" which is owned by the Angel "Eternal Life". Eternal Life decides to set a Trap and hides 300 Arch Angels on Heavens Path. This leaves Eternal Life with 1,000 Arch Angels to play with.

DemonKnight attacks and finds himself facing 300 Arch Angels at (*2) attack and (*2) Def. And an additional 1,000 Arch Angels at normal attacks and defense.

He is routinely demolished.

My Thoughts

I think this adds another dimension to the game, as players can bait Holts by making them look like easy targets. Attackers could be suckered into attacking, but when facing a unit with 2 times the attack, the Attacker units die faster. And because the Defender has 2 times the defense, the defender units die slower.

This seems to be a clever way to slow down an aggressive player.


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