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Wednesday, March 18

The Warriors of Angels and Demons

I changed the stats on the warrior classes within Angels and Demons. Some people might like to know the thought process, other just want to know so they can rule in the game. Either way, here are my thoughts.

Level 1
New Users will need to have some cheap units, so they can build an army quickly and feel properly impressed with the shear volume of warriors they have. I also want to encourage them to build some buildings and get used to the whole research / train/ fight. So for all of that I have created the following:

(Att: 1, Def: 1) Dark Warriors, Holy Soldiers : Starting warriors, a little attack, a little defense, really cheap. Build away

(Att:1, Def: 0) Grimlins, Soldiers: Cannon Fodder, a little attack, no defense. Good to train a bunch of these if you are about to attack.

(Att: 5, Def: 5) Angel, Fallen Angel: Good soldiers, some attack, some defense. These will be your staple warriors until you can advance a few levels. They are not bad and even as you advance you should keep a good bit for defensive purposes.

Level 2
Now at this point in the game, you've attacked a few folks and discovered that while the Angel and Fallen Angel are good for attacking newbies and weak players, they just don't cut it when it comes to a real battle. This is when you begin to pay attention to the actual attack and defense value of your Warriors.

(Att: 10, Def:100) Warlock, Cleric: Your first real warriors. These warriors become available after you have played for about 2 hours. Great defensive warriors and good for attacking.

(Att: 50 Def: 25) Hero, Dark Lord: Your elite attacking squad. It will take about 5 hours for them to become available, they cost a lot but are worth it if you are attacking.

Level 3
So, you've collected a few Holts. Maybe you have opened a Realm Gate. You know how to time your spells and attacks. But there is this one major bad a** who keeps attacking you. You really want to plan something special. An attack of massive proportions, one which can wipe out a whole Holt in one swoop. Now it's time for you to train the big boys.

(Att:150, Def: 50) Arch Angel, Lower Demon: Now your talking, send these guys in and they can wipe out a watch tower by themselves. They do cost a lot of souls.

(Att:300, Def:150) Demon Priest, Demi-God: The strongest unit in the game. By the time you have these guys you should be fighting battles over multiple Holts and Realms. You should only be able to afford a few thousand of these at a time.


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