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Wednesday, July 18

Journal: Seeing the Forest AND the Trees

There are two types of developers. One likes to focus on the details, optimization and algorithms to solve a problem. The other likes to view the problem from a distance and figure out a better solution.

Any development solution has to be looked at and developed from these two perspectives. First is a large view or the "whole picture" as soom of us like to say. The other is the details, the nitty gritty of the problem. All good developers have the ability to "zoom" in and out, changing their perspectives as needed.

What accured to me is what perspective do we tend to naturally fall into. Give yourself this scenario: Let's say you are half way through a project and you starting a new day. Do you start with the "whole picture" and "zoom" in? Or do you find out where you left off, do a little coding and "zoom" out to make sure you have the whole picture in mind?

I like to zoom in. I tend to start my day by looking at things from the big picture and zooming into the detail.

I don't think either way is necessarily better, they are just different.


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