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Monday, July 16

New Game: Blade Warriors

Haven't posted in a while, I figured I'd let all seven of my readers know what was going on.

I built a new game called Blade Warriors. It came out of some of the previous blog entries.

It's got a couple of cool things going on. There is an isometric grid being displayed. This grid is built with javascript and css. I used a familiar layering technique.
  • Build the floor first
  • Each tile is it's own div with a unique id (IE: tile_x_y)
  • Lots of complicated mathmatics to get the exact positioning right, I just kinda played with the numbers till they all fell into place.
  • Once the floor is built I then place objects on top of the tiles
  • Once the objects are there I placed the unit images on top
The game runs well right now, I'm working on getting some users to come to the site but it seems when ever I make a post I get a small increase in users and then it drops back to around 50 people a day.

I'm going to go back and examine my analytics log and see what's happening there.


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