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Wednesday, July 25

Odd Sight While Driving Home

So I'm driving home yesterday. My normal route home takes me threw a rougher neighborhood. Definitly not "da hood" or anything, it's just run down and you can see a number of odd characters about.

Anyway, As I'm driving, I pass a guy with a broken broom handle in his hand, about 3 feet worth of pole, his shirt is ripped. He has this scowl on his face and he's walking very strongly. (I know odd use of the word but it catches what I saw)

About half a block down, I see this woman, dressed relativly nicly, she's holding a baby in her arm and she's doing this odd half run, skip and fast walk thing. And I notice that she keeps looking over her shoulder.

My gut instinct says that something's not right but as I glance in the rear view mirror I see her smiling and laughing.

Hummmm, I drive about 3 blocks and then I turned around. (Don't ask me why, I ain't that much of a fighter) I drive back and she's gone. ???? However the mad guy has turned down a side street and is walking in another direction.

As I drive down the three blocks again, I notice a daycare and a bus station. I concluded that she must have been running late and was trying to get to the daycare and catch the bus? I guess...It was an odd situation, I'll probably never know what happened. Oh well.

Here's a link on how to make a citizen arrest. (If I ever need to)


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