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Friday, March 19

Artificial Intelligence - Dreaming and Learning

So last but most importantly, what does the Ai do when its sensors are detecting nothing?

It has two options.

Use Active/Aggressive sensors
The first is to turn on some active sensors. We can assume that some sensor it has can “roam” or find new views of it’s environment. Let’s say we have a web parsing sensor, it reads HTML and brings back links. This sensor would not be active unless there is nothing else going on. The Ai could decide to activate it. There could be an array of these type sensors.

The second option that it has is to dream. When dreaming the Ai will:
  1. Search it’s Long term memory for a random data variable
  2. Use this data and feed it to a all Evaluators except for “the best”.
  3. Any evaluator that understood the data gets a chance to process it
  4. Any evaluator that understood the data would get passed additional data elements that are “similar” to the original”

Doing this allows the Brain to evaluate if it’s truly has the best evaluator and sensor collaborated.


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