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Friday, March 12

Artificial Intelligence - Motors

So, we defined how the Ai will monitor and sense the world, how will it interact with it?

This happens almost in the reverse of what happens with sensors.

This time we start with the Motor Stack. The Ai places some data and a motor ID on the stack. As it “thinks” about additional task it keeps adding stuff to the stack.

Motors will continually do the same thing.
  • Look on the stack for an action with their identifier.
  • Take the data and perform their action.
  • Repeat.
What can a motor do? Anything. The simplest of motors may be responsible for taking text and putting it in a textbox for a user to see. A more complex motor may take an filename and display the contents of the file to a user. An even more complex motor may take a formula and graph it over time, sort of like your old T1 calculator.


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