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Tuesday, March 9

Artificial Intelligence - Take One

The next few posts will be about a proposal for an Artificial Intelligence (Ai) system. It’s based on many things I’ve read around the internet as well as my own general ideas on how such a system needs to be made.

My goal is to detail the system in a few articles and then attempt to build it. If given time, a thing I have precious little of these days.

This shows the basic concept of the AI. As you can see it’s made up of 4 components. We will talk about each component in depth but from a high level you have:

Sensors – Track and record changes in the environment. This would be the point at which data enters the Ai’s consciousness. An Example: A sensor may be responsible for tracking a single text box on a given web page.

The Brain – This is where all the interesting stuff takes place, stay tuned. An Example: The brain may decide that in response to text entered it should display a picture.

Motors – The brain will issue simple commands which the motors will execute on. Motors will perform actions on the environment. An Example: A motor may be responsible for displaying a picture to a webpage.

Memory – Pieces of data and how the brain acted upon this data are stored in memory. Later on I will go further in depth with what will happen here. An Example: The word “Hi” might be stored in memory as well as the fact that the brain responded “Hi” back to it.

Some things to keep in mind:
This is an all-purpose form of intelligence, it’s not what many would consider a knowledge based system, or built to be superb in a specific category. In fact, I predict that this brain will not be superb at anything, but rather much like the majority of humans, it will be sufficient at being adequately productive.

My goal is to build an Ai which can function in the same capacity as an average human. Think of the Turing test but including tasks rather than chat.

My measure of success: If the program can return/perform in such a fashion that I can’t tell the difference between it and a human, I will have succeeded.


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